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January 2, 2015

Carol Cope Cooking & Recipes

Carol Cope
Cooking & Recipes

With the New Year coming this week and parties to celebrate, I have some super recipes that are easy and will be enjoyed by all.  This first recipe comes from my kitchen, easy and good!!

1  can tomato soup
1  8 oz. pkg. cream cheese,   Heat and stir until smooth
1  pkg. unflavored gelatin
1/4  cup hot water,   Mix and set aside
1  small can shrimp
1  cup mayonnaise
1/4  cup celery, chopped fine
1/4  cup onion,  chopped fine

Mix all ingredients together and put in mold, cover with clear plastic wrap and place in refrigerator until set.  Place on serving dish and serve with crackers of you choice.   

The next quick recipe for meat balls which also comes from my family cook book.


2  lbs. ground beef
1  1/2  cup dried onions
4  big squares of crackers
2  eggs
salt and pepper

Mix the above and form into balls, then brown the meat balls, add four (4) cups of water and let simmer until water cooks away.  Add two (2) more cups of water, let simmer until you have a nice juice.  You may also add a flavored sauce if desired.   These are also very good for your spaghetti sauce.


1  lb. Bacon,  cut in half
Mix brown sugar with ketchup and spread on both sides of bacon. 
Wrap around a water chestnut, secure with a toothpick and bake for one (1) hour at 250 degrees then keep hot in a fondue pot.  ** you may also use cooked chicken livers in place of water chestnuts and is also very good.

I have used all of the above recipes at family gatherings and they will not last long.
Remember to send your recipes to me at
From my house to your house, have a Blessed and Great New Year,  see you next year,  Carol Jean

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