Grose enjoys promoting area’s history

January 28, 2016

By John Raffel

Marilyn Grose has been a busy person as president of the Marion Historical Society, even during this time of year.

“We display memorabilia of Marion and the surrounding areas and try to keep them in good shape and bring them up to where they should be,” Grose said. “We like to have (the museum) open to the public. We’re open in the summer for people. They can call us to come and see it.

“We have the second-grade classes go through it every year. They come through one day to experience the museum. It’s just before school gets out, right around May.”

It’s not surprising that the youngsters find the museum intriguing.

“They like all the different things we have like a very old antique vacuum that you just push,” Grose said. “The kids think that’s really neat. They like the antique record player, plus items from the past wars. We have a section for that. We have things from the Civil War, the first and second World Wars. There’s things the kids can see. They seem to like that, the boys more than the girls.

“They also like the antique items we have.”

Grose said there are around 40 members in the historical society. They meet the fourth Thursday of every month.

“At times we have guest speakers and we discuss what needs to be done and what we’re doing for different projects,” Grose said. “We have Log Cabin Day (June 26) in Michigan. It’s a statewide thing. Every area that has an old log cabin, and a lot of societies do, are open to the public. They go through and see what it was like back then for people who lived. We have strawberry shortcake for people who come. We usually have the museum open for different things like Marion Days and people that rare there. We have a lot of out-of towners like the alumni.”

Christopher Clark Day is usually in September, in honor of the town’s founder.

“We put on a free dinner for anyone who wants to come,” Grose said. “We have ham, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. We have cornbread, biscuits and bread and different drinks.”

For more information on visiting the museum in the winter, interested persons can call (231) 743-2854 or (231) 743-6218.

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