Longtime racer reflects on Snowfest challenges

February 25, 2016

By John Raffel

Mitch Kintigh is among the vintage snowmobile racers who drove many miles to the Marion race on Saturday. He finds it relatively easy to eplain why.

He lives in Leslie, located between Lansing and Jackson, but doesn’t hestitate to make that long drive to the Marion races.
“I’ve been coming up the last couple of years,” he said. “When I grew up, my grandparents had a cottage on Houghton Lake. As a child, I watched them riding all thse vintage snowmobiles and my thoughts were that when I grew up, I’d get one of those. We went up and did a snowmobile race and rides. Then they started racing. I have some buddies I go and race with as well.”
Kintigh has a 1974 snowmobile.

“My sled is just a stock machine,” he said. “It’s nothing modifeid or anythng like that. “This one is oval track on the ice. It’s what we chose to do, to do the old track racing . They also have ice racing on the track, too.”

Kintigh said he enjoys the competion, “and the adrenaline rush, and trying to take one of these old snowmobiles that’s 30 years old and make it run again and go around the track. Forf me, its a challenge. I’m 50 years old I’m going up against these younger kids. Their grandpas have fixed up their snowmobiles for them or whatever.

Trying to run againt these young kids is a challenging too. It can be physical and enduring.”

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