Heat and humidity pose challenges for county fair

July 28, 2016

By John Raffel

EVART — The heat and humidity earlier this week posed threats and complications for those working with animals.

But Rick Sherman, Osceola County fair board manager, has been pleased and indicated, that despite challenges with the heat earlier this week, it’s been a successful fair.

“It’s gone real good, we’ve had good (entries) and good judges,” he said. “The barns are full.”

There’s been talk of the impact of heat on the animals. On chickens, Sherman indicated a small handful may have been lost but indicated there was more of a problem with the chickens dealing with stress factors more so than the heat. He said there’s been nothing out of the ordinary in terms of losing chickens or other animals because of the heat, which had been fierce earlier this week. He indicated there have been a high number of fans in all buildings in keeping the animals safe, plus ice in ziplock bags being used to combat the heat in additional ways.

“Everything seems to work out OK,” he said, indicating this fair hasn’t sustained any more danger on loss of animals than any other year.

There’s a lot of entries with participants and animals, but an exact number wasn’t available.

“I really don’t know,” Sherman said. “There has to be at least a couple hundred chickens in the barns.”

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