Middle Branch looks at road work

August 25, 2016

By John Raffel

Martha West is township clerk for a Middle Branch Township that had a millage renewal approved in August, and is ready to use it as effectively as possible.

West indicated the millage would be used for roads.

The township board, she added, “works with the county, as the county see things that need done in certain areas and we see things that need to be done. We work together on that to decide what is a priority. We usually meet with them once a year, sit down and discuss road situations. In between that, we discuss it too.”

There are various roads identified to be at the top of the list, especially for graveling.
“There’s one they’re looking at to resurface,” West said. “I don’t know if they’ve agreed on what type of surfacing.”
The township needs that millage to keep on top of the roads situation, West acknowledged.

“We would have been in better shape if we didn’t have two bridges go out,” she said. “That really set us behind. They’re just about finished. They’re getting close.”

The bridges are on 20th and 50th Avenue.

The bridge work included various repairs in “redoing” the structures, West said.

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