Here’s a sampling of Christmas Wish letters received

November 23, 2016

The following letters are only a few of the dozens we have received so far. In the weeks ahead we will be fulfuilling some the wishes, thanks to the generosity of area businesses. If you would like to help, email us at:

Would like to visit son who is in the military

Hi, this plea for help isn’t for me. It’s for my mom. My mom has always been the most caring, generous person that I have known. When we were kids and asked her what she wanted for Christmas she would reply with something like “underwear” because she would always go without things that she needed to make me and my five siblings have a happy and special holiday.
Not only did she exhaust all of her money, credit, time, and effort on us, she would take in kids that were less fortunate.
She always made extra Easter baskets for my brother’s friends’ whose parents were addicted to drugs and provided little to the needs of the kids, let alone make them anything to feel special. One of my brother’s has been in the Army since he was 18. He is now 35. My mom has seen him very little in that timeframe. When he married in Germany she was on the phone during the whole ceremony. She went to his graduation from boot camp in North Carolina.
She has always been there for us. She worked two jobs that’d didn’t pay well. My dad was an alcoholic and they got together young, had babies young so didn’t have much education or experience to get a good paying job. That never stopped her from showing us that hard work pays off and never stopped her from doing everything possible to help. She has worked at a bar in Lake called BJ’s Buckhorn Saloon for over 10 years now. She never got time off for anything.
My brother (the Army guy) recently bought a house in Alabama. She wants nothing more than to go visit him and her grandchildren this Christmas. She has tried to save money, but because and is always helping me with my three children and my other siblings with theirs, she probably won’t make it. She buys my kids school clothes, and helps me take care of holidays, brings us food…I’ve seen her give money to pan handlers every time we see them in Mount Pleasant. I wouldn’t be surprised if she donated to this cause you’re supporting. She is a person who gives her all without seeking a reward our attention. Only those who receive her generosity know how truly caring and generous she is because she doesn’t go and tell about it. If she received some cash with a note that said “go see your son” it worlds be the best Christmas ever.
I know she wouldn’t pass it up and she would appreciate it more than anything and so would I. She deserves something back from all that she has given to countless people, but mostly the people she gives to cannot repay her for her kindness. She gives knowing this and she continues to go without just to make others happy. I feel like I can literally see her heart breaking when she can’t help someone in need.
Even if my mom doesn’t get selected I’d like you to know that you’re amazing people for doing this. Thank you for spreading this care, inspiring generosity, and contributing to a better community.
Happy holidays!

In need of help for 2 year old son

We live in Harrison. My other half, my son and I. We were starting to get on our feet a few years back, but do not have a lot. Our son is two years old. My other half is a Marine Corp Veteran. And thanks to the blessings we are getting a home through the VA and MMCAA. The most important thing to us is that our son has a Christmas. If there is anything that you can do to help feel free to email me back. I look forward to hearing from and God Bless you all.
Thanks Again

Could use help with warm clothes and gifts for 3 boys

Hello. I took my oldest son to the doctors yesterday for strep throat and I came across your newspaper article and ended up folding it and putting it in my purse. I thought wow there is some good people out there 🙂
I am a 32 year old single mother of 3 beautiful boys. The oldest is 17, one is 13, and my youngest is 9 years old. As much as I hate to admit it we are a family in need of Christmas this year. I am currently waiting for a decision on my social security and it has been so rough for us!
You see this all started when my mother went to heaven last year she passed on July 07,2015 and she was our everything! She helped me raise my boys. She made the holidays bright and now it’s different and sad. My mother had (IBC) inflammatory breast cancer and it spread so fast and took her away. As her loving daughter I stepped up quit my job and worked with hospice to help her final days be comfortable. I’ve seen things that people should not see and even though I would never admit it to my mother it has taken a big toll on me. I ended up calling community mental health because I needed to talk to someone. I needed help with the grief. I was absolutely lost inside. My best friend was gone and I’ve seen it all. I became very depressed and my anxiety has become through the roof.
Mental Health diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and I guess I am Bi polar. I was advised to file for social security disability, so I did and I am now on cash assistance which barely even covers the bills but we are making it. My boys seem to be coping ok, but they miss her. They talk about her sometimes and we still have our crying bursts every now and then. I am terrified of Christmas this year. Its very sad that grandma will not be here with her special cheer and gifts for my children.
I have no extra money for gifts or anything. My family is truly in need and I hope that we are considered for your program or your help. I am just asking for gifts and maybe some warm clothes for the boys if possible. The oldest wears size is (36×34 shirts men xl) the 13 year old wears size (32×30 shirts men lg) and the 9 year old wears sizes (10-12) all my boys like sports and of course video games and movies, they all like to draw, my youngest is into Pokémon and Legos
Thank you for considering us.

Any help would be appreciated

My family could use some help. My wife left me and the kids in August and I am now in divorce process. I have 3 kids that live with me boys ages 10 and 8, and a girl age 3.
I have full physical and shared legal custody of the kids, she told court at hearing they are better with me. I am not asking for much just something to help with the holiday for the kids as I am extremely tight financially right now.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Would appreciate help with gifts for 7 year old son

I am a single mother of a 7 yr. old boy. I recently was let go from my job, as a waitress, about 6 weeks ago, I have been busy putting in applications but no luck as of yet, but am staying hopeful as I know one will come along, I have always been a hard worker, as well as make sure I have time for my son, with homework and a little family time.
I saw your article in the paper today, and I thought wow it’s so AWESOME to know there are people out there that want to reach out and help, it helps lift spirits at a time of year, that tends to be difficult for all walks of life. My son and myself moved to Clare County, Harrison 2 years ago, all my family live downstate in Flint, so we usually spend Christmas just at home relaxing, playing with his toys, and I always get him board games so we have them to play with throughout the day, we like spending the day together, and his laughter makes any and all struggle of the year vanish into memories I couldn’t live without. I think what you are offering is so AWESOME, and even if my son and I don’t get picked for help, it’s still very nice to help anyone that needs it.

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