Marion native enjoying career with Homeland Security

December 29, 2016

By John Raffel

Another year is about to fall into the history books as 2017 is ready to arrive.

For individuals like James Schwab Jr., it’s another year in which to be thankful for the past, present and future.
Schwab currently is the spokesman for Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement for San Francisco, but he’s also a former resident of Marion where his family has a long history.

His family calls him JJ.

Schwab has had his current position for almost two years.

“Basically, any reporter that has a question about immigration enforcement, I take all of their questions for all of northern California,” he said. “Basically it’s local, regional or national media, sometimes international media, who will call me and ask about policies.”

James Schwab Jr

James Schwab Jr

Schwab previously worked with NASA two years in Silicon Valley as a public affairs officer. He’s been in California 10 years.
“When I was born, my dad and mom lived in Manton and shortly after that moved to Marion where the whole family lived,” Schwab said. “My grandma and grandpa, Carol and James Wendell Schwab, all together I think there were 12 kids and my dad (James Sr.) was the oldest. They lived in a farm house kind of toward the end of Marion before the VFW.”

Schwab graduated from Cadillac in 1998.

“We were residents of Marion there until I was 4 or 5 years old but we went back there and spent time all the time,” Schwab said.

He still has relatives in the Marion area, where he spent time last year.

“I come back all the time,” he said, “once or twice a year to see family members. We come to visit. We check out the Marion Fair. That’s a fun thing. My dad went to high school there and also my uncle, Dan Schwab. He was No. 22. I remember going to all of his (football) games. It was a big deal.”

After Schwab left high school, “I kind of bounced around a little bit,” he said. “I worked as a letter carrier for the postal service for a short time and eventually joined the Service. In May 2001, I went to basic training in South Carolina.”
During that time, 9/11 occurred and Schwab wound up going to Korea and was assigned near the border where he was four years.
In 2005, he came to California.

“I wanted to keep trying something new,” Schwab said. “So my commander offered to let me stay with his family and check out the Bay area. I came out here and have been here since. After various jobs, he went to public affairs school and eventually started working in public affairs for the military as a civilian. He did that a couple of years and in 2013 started working for NASA.

As for his current position, “you’re pretty much working for a large agency, and I really love talking with the people and getting to know all the special agents in Homeland Security,” Schwab said. “They have a lot of special agents not only doing immigration stuff but investigations as well, all kinds of things. They take care of cyber crime, all kinds of stuff.”
He’s married and currently has no children.

Schwab always enjoys his visits to his hometown.

“I always enjoy my visits to my sister (Jamie Nolan),” he said. “She has a small farm and that’s one of the things I really like to do, just visiting with friends and family and catching up with everyone, going hunting and fishing…I don’t have much of a chance to do that out here. Having a campfire or two, all that kinds of stuff.”

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