Protests and Pageantry What a Weekend

January 26, 2017

Mike Wilcox Mike's Musings Columnist

Mike Wilcox
Mike’s Musings Columnist

As I watched the weekend events unfold, I could only think what a great country we live in. America, despite all its division and derision, is awesome in this writer’s book.

Forget about those who wore masks and were dressed in black, only to smash business windows, light fire to objects including a limousine, and vandalize whatever else was in their path. They certainly received their share of airtime, but didn’t disrupt inauguration events in any way.

Forget the numbers of people who attended the inauguration, or lack of numbers. Our new president and the media that follows him, sparred back and forth for a couple of days over the exact number of citizens that attended the Washington D.C. events.
To me it was all rather childish and unimportant. Does anyone really care whether more people attended this inauguration than Obama’s last? Other than Trump and those members of the media that like to say “gotcha” you lied, no one cares.

I suspect Obama’s inaugurations were attended by more people. However, no one has pointed out that Trump supporters- those that come from rural areas, and were actually working on Friday, would be unlikely to hitch a ride to our Capitol to attend a bunch of fanfare they could care less about.

Personally I am not necessarily a Trump enthusiast but I live in a rural area where hard work is the norm. I am surrounded by people who voted for Trump, and I know of no one who had the slightest inkling of attending the inauguration. I don’t blame them. The last place I would want to be is in a sea of people, in the pouring down rain, trying to catch a glimpse of the activities.

What I would like us to glean from this weekend are a few observations. First I was so pleased to see the interaction between Trump and Obama. It has been said that these guys truly like one another, and you could see them conversing and laughing throughout the festivities. The same with Trump and Schumer, Trump and Pelosi, and others. It gives me a glimmer of hope that this administration will not be as divisive as some think.

Secondly it was awesome to see Trump and his family, including children and grandchildren, enjoying the pageantry together. In America, family values are so important and it was nice to see the Trump family, not just the Donald, take center stage throughout the ceremonies.

And last but not least, it was simply incredible to see the millions of women (and men) who marched in Washington D.C. and other venues to show their support for women’s rights. Unlike some, I believe it is a valuable part of the political process, to peaceably take part in political protests. It shows that you actually care about our Democracy and are willing to help promote change from within.

Peaceful political protest is as much a part of our Democracy as is voting. Certainly one can argue, this past election cycle has energized many citizens to get involved in the political process that hadn’t given it a second thought in the past. That includes millions of people who love Trump and millions who hate him.

For me this weekend reminded me of why I love to claim the title of U.S. citizen. I have freedoms that most do not have. I can march in the street denouncing my new president and his perceived anti-women positions without retribution or I can sit at home with popcorn and beer in hand, gleaming with pride as I watch the pageantry on the television.
God Bless America.

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