A 7th Grade View: Harrison Bond Proposal

April 20, 2017

Letter to the Editor_BannerDear Editor,
I’m a 7th grade student at Harrison Middle School, and we’ve been hearing a lot about the bond proposal lately. I know for sure that the bond sounds like a good idea, but even better, I know why. I have some experience with things that could be fixed. Like, in the Health/Art room at the end of the 6th grade hall, there are panels in the ceiling that have fallen through. I’ve visited the High School a lot, and the lack of walls can be a little distracting. Any noise from any of the ‘rooms’ goes everywhere. In 5th grade at Hillside Elementary, we had to run the 10-minute-jog once every month. We always got messed up, sometimes falling over, by the doors on both sides because of the ‘dead-spots’, spots where the gym floor would bounce up and down and creak. It was so annoying. There were also lots of other small things that keep reminding us of the fact that the schools hadn’t been renovated on a large scale since most of our parents were in school.

The money would fix ventilation systems in the middle school. And of course, it would install walls in the high school. Another effect of the bond is an auditorium. An auditorium could be used for so many activities in schools, like choir or band performances, and even hosting things like All-Star Band or Festival, a competition in band. Drama classes could take place in it as well. For an average Harrison resident, it’s four to five dollars a month. Four or five dollars a month.
Without that, students would have to live in inadequate buildings for the large part of the day. Being a 7th grader, I’ll be in high school in only a few years. If all of this goes into effect, I’ll be able to learn in a practically new building, and new is exciting. There really isn’t a downside to having the bond proposal. If the bond proposal doesn’t go through, it would be even worse than if the idea never happened. We’d realize what a good thing we missed out on. It may cost some money and time, but doesn’t everything worthwhile?
Carley Young, 7th Grader

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