Marion COA expected to open very soon

April 27, 2017

By John Raffel

Osceola County Commission on Aging chairman Scott Schryer isn’t 100 percent sure when the new Marion facility will be open.
But it’s getting closer to becoming a completed reality

“We were shooting for May 1,” Schryer said. “The weather, unfortunately, has kept some of the outside work from being completed. I don’t have an exact date. I would say we’re looking at being at least a week or two behind. May is still our goal.

“The inside looks beautiful. There’s still some minor touchups in the finished work. The inside looks really good. It’s just getting the roof done on the outside. We had a lot of rain.”

In March, the commissioners were told workers had found water leakage on a small scale happening, and traced its origin to the roof. The building is connected to a neighboring facility at the roof.

“If they’re coming off Main Street, when people first open the door, they’ll have a big open bay area, the first main part, probably half of the building,” Schryer said. “That’s where our dining area and activities will be occurring. On the west wall, if you look straight down there, you’ll look into our kitchen area. Along the east wall, when the open activity area ends, the first thing is a conference room so our nurses can meet with clients and our social service coordinators can meet with clients. Right beyond that is an office. Beyond the office, there are two fully handicapped unisex bathrooms.”

A ribbon cutting ceremony is in the works. County commission chairman Larry Emig has discussed with Schryer the possibility of having a board meeting in the new facility.

“We’ll definitely do a grand opening with it,” he said.

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