MBE votes 5-2 to keep Meier

April 20, 2017

By John Raffel

The Marion Board of Education voted 5-2 last Friday at a special meeting to extend superintendent Mort Meier’s contract by two years.

But a major focus of the evaluation centered around a noncompliance letter the state sent to Marion in November 2015. As a result, TV 9& 10 reported Title I Funds to the district were frozen.

The MEA told TV 9&10 Title I and II funds come from the state and federal government to assist students in math and reading.
Meier told the TV station the freeze on Title I funds was a miscommunication with the state.

Mort Meier, Marion Superintendent

Mort Meier, Marion Superintendent

The district was given a list of things to correct. He told TV9&10 when the district finally received a letter on what to correct, the process began to complete the compliance plan. Reports were provided there were 77 items that needed to be corrected.

Some board members said they had not been aware of this. TV 9&10 reported Meier said the board president and vice president were aware of the situation.

A board member who asked not to be identified, told the Marion Press board members Alicia Mitchell and Linda Raymond voted against extending Meier’s contract two years. The board member said Meier’s contact was up this June 30.

The biggest concern, the board member said, was getting, the Title 1 and II funding back on track. The meeting was called to deal with Meier’s contract extension, the board member said. The Title I and II issues were then brought up. The board went into executive session for the evaluation.

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