Pro Life “Trumped” the Election

April 20, 2017

Letter to the Editor_BannerDear Editor:
I hated this past presidential  primary and general election.  I am sure many of you felt the same way.  Talk about mud slinging, back biting and a disarray throughout the entire election.  I am quite sure it broke records regarding being the ugliest in history.

I voted Trump as I bit my lip.  His arrogance was and still is hard to take.  He doesn’t communicate like most leaders.   He loves to campaign, and he still is for that matter. 

I felt  exonerated this past week when Gorsuch got confirmed to the Supreme Court.

I had more than just one issue on why I voted for Trump but the supreme court issue “trumped” everything.   It is quite obvious where this country would have gone had Clinton been elected.  The very first thing she would have done would be to nominate a liberal judge and would have already begun rescinding the “Hyde Amendment” that would have allowed free (tax-payer funded) abortions to anyone for any reason.  Thank God that this massive addition to the abortion industry (and holocaust to babies) has been thwarted.

Gorsuch, like Antonin Scalia is a believer in the proper role of judges, which is to judge the law, and not to write it themselves.

I believe that highly motivated pro life American’s is what pushed Trump over the top especially after Hillary unveiled her cold heartedness toward partial birth abortions and promise to rescind the Hyde amendment, that sealed her doom.

We were on the brink of ending any pro-life laws in America.

I would like to invite you to join Wexford/Missaukee RTL hear the nationally syndicated talk show host Bob Dutko speak at our 25th annual “Focus on Life” dinner on April 25th at Timber Wolf Lodge.  Call 231-839-2583 for more info.
Don Hoitenga
Lake City

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