Several road projects on tap

April 20, 2017

By John Raffel

Luke Houlton, Engineer-Manager at Osceola County Road Commission, has been meeting a lot lately with local townships.
“We have a few townships (to contact), but I think we’re starting to firm things up,” Houlton said.

For Marion Township, the county will do a crush and pave project on 50th Avenue between 19th and 20th Mile.

“That’s estimated for $150,000 split equally between the road commission and township,” Houlton said. “Also in Marion, the township has purchased $30,000 for the gravel to be spread on various roads, We haven’t come up with any specific locations yet.”

The work will be done this summer.

In Highland Township, the commission will do a chip and fog seal from Hibma Road from 90th Avenue to 70th Avenue.

Houlton said officials are looking at a project, in Middle Branch Township, on 15 Mile between 60th Avenue and M66.

“I’ve given them several options in terms of treatment, ranging from a simply overlay to reconstruct,” Houlton said. “I don’t know at this point until after they (township board) have met.”

Houlton isn’t quite sure what projects the commission might be doing in Hartwick Township.

“We’re starting to get into our routine maintenance, trying to get roads bladed up,” he said. “Hopefully, this every other day of rain will be behind us soon. We’ve had a tough couple of weeks with all the rain. The last several days we made some progress there. In a couple of weeks, we’ll slip into our dust control mode and try to get some dust control down.”

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