Marion Schools Noncompliant with Title 1 Funding

May 18, 2017

Letter to the Editor_BannerDear Editor:
The Marion Schools have been noncompliant with Title 1 Funding since November of 2015. It wasn’t until the funds were frozen that Mr. Meir started working with the ISD and teachers to get us compliant.

Our question is: why would Mr. Meir not keep us compliant for over one and half years before he gets serious about getting this done. After talking to 2 school board members we asked them why they offered Mr. Meir a 2 year contact and their response was: “We want him to have time to clean up his mess”.

How many of us would keep our jobs if we didn’t do our job for that period of time and not receive over $260,000.00 in funding. We cannot understand how 5 board members can offer him a 2 year contact when it appears he is not doing his job.
The Marion Schools are an excellent system, and we are fortunate to have excellent teachers. This community supports our schools by giving a new millage last year, so why let things go and not do your job Mr. Meir?

My wife and I have put 5 children through these schools and currently have 7 grandchildren attending now.

Sharon and I graduated from Marion Schools in 1963 and we have never heard of this situation in Marion before.

According to the Title I office we will not know if we are compliant until the first part of June, 2017. If compliant the money will be released, if not how will the bills be paid?

To the School Board: We need an effective leader and Mr. Meir does not seem to be effective, so please correct the problem.

Parents we need you to get involved and attend meetings and make your feelings known.

Jim & Sharon Borders

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One Response to Marion Schools Noncompliant with Title 1 Funding

  1. Mark Dehaan Reply

    October 24, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    I think these issues set a very poor example to the students. Getting into compliance isn’t rocket science but usually a result of poor record keeping.

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