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June 1, 2017

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Dear Editor
This past year I’ve had the privilege of working with so many dedicated and caring people as our team visited the areas schools and presented our sexual abuse education program.
The teachers and administrators have been extremely supportive and love our kids. It’s good to know our children are in good hands when we send them off to school.
It’s also comforting to know that over 3000 school aged children know about sexual abuse and will tell if they are ever approached or abused.
Because the summer can be a vulnerable time for children to be abused, this is important information to be shared. I’m proud to live in a progressive community who is not afraid to talk about sexual abuse and wants to keep our children safe and we thank the schools for opening their doors to our Safe Body Boundary program.
Together we are making a difference and reducing the numbers of victims of sexual abuse. Healing Private Wounds looks forward to more invitations to talk to children about sexual abuse.
No group is too small or large for us. We love children and our mission is to educate children about sexual abuse where ever we can. They deserve to know.
If you need help talking to your children about sexual abuse contact us. We have free information and books to help you. 231-846-4495

Shirley J. Petersen

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