Osceola hopes to upgrade phones, wifi

July 27, 2017

By John Raffel

Osceola County Board of Commissioners chairman Larry Emig said the county is continuing to work on upgrading its phone system and Wi-Fi availability.

Technology director J.T. Burgess met with the commissioners at the commission meeting last week.

“On the phone system, we’ve had an antiquated system,” Emig said. “We made the decision this year to upgrade and update the system. It’s much more modem. Right now, you can call a department and ask for so-and-so. Under the new system, people have individual numbers.

“If you call the treasurer and want the deputy treasurer, she’ll have a number and you can get her directly. They’ll all have their own individual numbers. It’s in the process. We were supposed to have it done by now. But it will probably be another month or so.”

The Wi-Fi system the county has is currently strict, Emig said.

“The only ones that have it are those in the courthouse and in the court system,” he said. “We want a guest Wi-Fi setup. We have attorneys that come from different areas and sometimes they need to use the computers.”

Emig said the idea is for individuals to be able to access the Wi-Fi when making various presentations to boards and groups throughout the court house.

“We don’t want people coming off the street and using our public Wi-Fi,” he said. “There will more of a structure to it.”

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