Public opposed to Marion marijuana

July 13, 2017

By John Raffel

Marion Village Council president Don Gilmore doesn’t see where there’s any interest in some type of medical marijuana availability in his community.

He based that from the reaction received at last week’s special meeting on the matter at the village office.

“The public was strongly against it,” Gilmore said. “There were 42 people in attendance and they were strongly against it. We have to pass a resolution for a storefront to come in. The public was against it.
6-30-17 Marijuana legalization
“The trustees will have to make a final determination. But with the public being strongly against it….”

Gilmore said the millpond project also remains on hold right now.

“We have the engineer drawing up the final plan so we can start looking for grant money,” he said. “That’s just going to take time.”

“We’re about on schedule,” village trustee and millpond committee Roger Pritchard has said in recent months. “It takes awhile to get the drawings completed and the samplings taken. If we come up with a design on what we want to do…we’ll try to get some funding to put it in and have a way to draw down the pond so maybe we can clean it out.”

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