Two local men sentenced in Marion B&E case

July 13, 2017

By John Raffel

Two of the men involved in a string of break-ins throughout the area have received their sentences Osceola County prosecuting attorney Tony Badovinac previously told the Marion Press that Daniel Weaver, 47 of Marion, had pled guilty to home invasion, second degree, a 15-year felony and two counts of breaking and entering with intent, each 10-year felonies, and delivery of marijuana, a four-year felony.

Badovinac added that James Berube, 25 of Evart, pled to home invasion, second degree, a 15-year felony and two counts of breaking and entering, each 10-year felonies.

This week, Badovinac confirmed Berube received one year in county jail. “That was the agreement because he was cooperative in solving the case and had no criminal history,” Badovinac said. “Weaver received 30 months in prison. The initial agreement was that he would get 42 months prison unless he came up with $10,000 toward restitution, which he did, and so his sentence was reduced to 30 months prison.”

James Berube

James Berube

James Berube and Daniel Weaver

James Berube and Daniel Weaver

There was no update provided on the status of the other two suspects. Joe Crusan, 38, of Marion, has not pled yet Badovinac previously said, and is set for an upcoming jury trial.

Badovinac has also said a fourth individual, Jason Hoffman, has not pled yet but has been charged.

“All four are on the hook for restitution, the amount of which has not been determined yet,” Badovinac said.

Badovinac previously called this “an alleged crime spree of unprecedented proportion and degree coupled with criminal activity and manifesting a complete and utter disregard for the property rights of others.”

The individuals had been charged in Osceola County District Court with the crimes of Criminal Enterprise, a 20-year felony, as well as Home Invasion second degree, a 15-year felony, and seven counts of breaking and entering of a building (with the intent to commit a larceny, which are 10-year felonies).

Badovinac said in a previous statement: “The charges stem from an intensive investigation by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department over the past several months and include several breaking and enterings in three counties, including Osceola, Clare and Missaukee.

“The Osceola County Sheriff’s Department has collected, categorized and stored over 700 items of stolen property. The items include everything from vehicles and guns to clothes.”

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