Budget funds may not be available for Osceola safety

October 26, 2017

By John Raffel

Marion’s Jack Nehmer is keeping very busy as a member of the Osceola County Board of Commissioners in recent weeks.

Nehmer is a member of the health, safety and grounds committee meeting, which met after last week’s commission meeting.

“That was mostly to decide how far we were going to be able to go with the safety issue because of the situation with the budget,” Nehmer said. “If we do everything we want to do, we’re still about $240,000 short. If we took the thing we’ve been working on for over a year and took it out, that would make it closer to balancing. We were tasked for doing this. My first question way back in the beginning is where is the money going to come for this. We still don’t have an answer.

“I think we’re going to move forward at least with (some security instruments) and a small temporary remodeling in front of the courthouse to allow handicap people to come in off Upton Street as the main entrance.”

Work continues on the budget with expected approval set for November.

The board voted to improve Isabella County’s request to amend the sanitary code to include inspection of onsite water supply and sewage disposal and to approve the resolution to amend the Central Michigan District Health Department Sanitary Code.
“Isabella County wants to have a point of sale for inspection on septic tanks because they have a lot of problems,” Nehmer said. “The health department is made up of six counties. Isabella is one of the counties and is overseen by the health department by the particular thing they want to do. If any of the other (counties) votes against it, it dies right there.
“Hopefully they get it through. Because of the oversight of the health department, everyone has to be on board.”

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