Evart Promise Plus seeks higher education for all grads

October 26, 2017

By John Raffel

It’s called the Evart Promise Plus, and is designed to fulfill dreams for students aspiring to go beyond high school.
Bre Grabill is chairperson of the Evart Promise Plus board.

“We’ve been forming the board over the course of the last year,” she said. “We’re in the process of applying for our legal 501C status. We’ve partnered with another entity to start fund-raising. It takes time on the scale that we’re doing.”
Grabill said there are representatives from the school on her board.

“To be successful, we have to have everyone involved,” she said. “The main goal is going to be to fund postsecondary education for all Evart graduates. Our mission statement as a community is for all Evart graduates to have an equal opportunity to postsecondary education, whether that be to a two-year or four-year university or technical or trade school, things like that.”

Bre Grabill

Bre Grabill

The mission statement addresses the challenge for students to meet rising postsecondary school costs.

“The ability for students to pay for the dream and goals they have is being cut short with the financial burden,” Grabill said. “We’e trying to offer our students additional assistance to prepare themselves for future careers. We’ll work with getting additional programs and services available to help prep students.

“We’ve been researching other districts that do this. Baldwin has a program like this. The first one in the country was the Kalamazoo Promise that started over a decade ago. We have yet to release any information on when our Promise will initiate. That has not been determined yet. We have partnered with the Osceola County Community Foundation, which is also the Fremont Area Foundation. That’s how were starting to fundraise.”

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