Marion COA site draws more people than other sites

October 5, 2017

By John Raffel

Osceola County Commission On Aging Director Scott Schryer continues to be impressed with what he sees from the new facility in Marion, which opened in the summer.

“We’ve had great numbers there,” he said. “In fact, it’s the highest number turnout of the four places we have. I’m very happy with our site coordinator Ann (Little). We’ve started some activities there.”

Schryer said his department continues to learn what activities and services should be appropriately provided at each COA site.

Activities seniors might enjoy at one Osceola County COA site might not be as popular at another one, Schryer pointed out.
“Once a month I’ll be visiting each site that’s a meet-and-drink so I can see what people are looking for and things they like that we are doing that they don’t want changed,” Schryer said. “That will help us, along with our advisory board putting out a letter very shortly to all the townships and encourage them to nominate somebody to our advisory board. We can have 15 people on our advisory board. Right now, we’re at eight.”

Getting the word out about the various activities is critical, Schryer indicated.

“If we have a full advisory board, they’re taking this information back to their areas and getting groups and other social gatherings involved,” Schryer said. “We’re looking at a hunter’s dinner. We’re just beginning our planning of that. We’ll have it at Evart. We want to coordinate it with other groups so we’re not doing a duplicate service. In December, we’ll have outdoor holiday meals that we do each year. That’s a celebration of the seniors to let them know we appreciate them.”

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