Scott’s Trading Post back in business

October 5, 2017

By John Raffel

Scott’s Trading Post is back in business.
One of the owners, Scott Schryer, said the business closed the second week of September.

“The partners came to an agreement to split the partnership,” Schryer said. “From that point, my wife and I now own Scott’s Trading Post. We have intentions of reopening on Friday.”

The Schryer’s had previously operated the business in ownership with Scott and Cathy Bear.

Scott’s Trading Post plans to reopen Friday, October 6th.

Scott’s Trading Post plans to reopen Friday, October 6th.

“For the most part, we’ll be selling a lot of the similar stuff we have been selling,” Schryer said. “We’ve worked with the previous owners to incorporate some of stuff they were selling that the community was looking for as well, like ammunition for shot guns, rifles and pistols. Another thing we added were archery supplies.

“Traps is one of the big things the area was looking for. Tire repair kits…things consistently asked for that we didn’t have.”

Schryer said there’s sill an application into the DNR for selling fishing and hunting licenses and once the DNR resolves some equipment issues, it’s expected Scott’s Trading Post will be able to offer the licenses.

“I don’t expect to see it by deer season,” Schryer said. “The DNR is doing everything they can. Their hands are tied too.”
Schryer has emphasized in the past that while he is also Osceola County Commission on Aging director, his ownership of the trading post is totally unrelated to the COA.

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