The Holiday Is Here…Again

December 21, 2017

And I thought Summer went by fast…

The days since Labor Day have flown by and suddenly Christmas is only a couple of days away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the holiday, but the days are so busy this time of year you hardly have time to enjoy it.

Anyway it is here again, and you know what that means…2017 is rushing to a close!!

And I can’t say I am very sorry to see it over. It hasn’t been the best year for us by any means. I’m not alone with that either. I’ve heard the same thing from a multitude of people, so it isn’t just our own family concerns, although there have been plenty of them this year with son-in-law Terry’s months-long struggle with cancer.

Friend Julie lost her baby sister just a few weeks ago to this awful scourge.

Sister-in-law Cathy’s own sister has also spent a good part of the year struggling with the effects of cancer and its debilitating treatments as well.

That struggle has been echoed at the office where friend and co-worker Sherry is beginning round two with the dreaded “big C.” I am praying all goes well for her in the coming months. I can’t think of a nicer more upbeat person, even with all that she has been going through this past year or so.

With all of that said, we are all hoping for a MUCH better year to come.

With the Christmas weekend starting tomorrow, it’s time for all of us to take a little time to celebrate the meaning of the season.

I know I’ve written most of this below before, but it’s still true today and certainly bears repeating.

With everything we have to do before the holiday, it is easy to lose sight of the most important thing of all – why we celebrate this particular holiday in the first place.

2,017 years ago, in a little obscure town in the Middle East, a baby was born in humble surroundings. He grew up, lived a very short life, died a terrible death, and in the process gave a large part of the world, love, peace and a reason for living.

Jesus taught patience, faith and hope to millions through his totally unselfish existence.

Is it any wonder that we celebrate that wonderful birth more than 2,000 years later and strive in our lives to emulate just a little of what he taught?

I think it is truly wonderful and amazing that we celebrate his unselfishness by doing just what he did – giving.

We give to loved ones, to friends and sometimes to those we don’t even know. What we give is gifts, but isn’t it really sharing a little of ourselves and a little love too?

In light of the ongoing conflict on the other side of the world where all of this tradition started, the safety of our troops is something to be wished for this Christmas.

We all need this time to pause and renew those fragile bonds of love for our fellow man.

So take a little time on Monday, after the presents are opened and the rush is over, and offer up a little prayer for those who aren’t quite as lucky as we are, the ones suffering with the loss of a loved one or terrible health issues, the ones who cannot be home for Christmas and the ones who have no home to celebrate in.

Pray for peace, then for comfort for our absent ones and finally for their safe return. Send them your love with gifts, words from home and maybe just the understanding that they are remembered and missed.

Remember those who cannot be with you for a part of the traditional family Christmas with a special call or visit. Share your holiday, even a small part of it with someone less fortunate and you will truly be celebrating that long ago birth.

My Christmas wishes this year go out to family members who can’t be here to celebrate with us on Christmas Eve especially, and to our friends, our true treasures over the years.

Also to all of you who have made my day to day life a joy.

My best gift to all is my thanks and love.

I wish you all joy and peace this Christmas.

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