Local couple wins big in lottery

January 11, 2018

By Aaron Michell

Call it karma. Call it luck. Call it fifty-five thousand bucks.

Whatever you call it, 2018 is off to a good start for the Stone family.

Donna and Steven Stone had a rough 2017. Car accidents. Job loss. Surgeries gone wrong. Appliances gone haywire. A house falling apart.

After nearly a year of marriage, the Stone family was left scratching their heads as to where it all went wrong.
But then it all went right.

A few days before Christmas, while shopping at ValuLand, Steve found a purse left in a shopping cart. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, Steve called the owner. He returned the purse and the owner was thrilled.

Donna and Steven Stone won $50,500 playing  the Michigan Lottery.

Donna and Steven Stone won $50,500 playing
the Michigan Lottery.

A few days later, after a good friend was having a rough day at work, Steve gave that friend $20 to help her get by.

Later that day, Steve played some Club Keno tickets at the Marion Shell and won $410. He called that friend and told her not to worry about paying him back.

That same day, Donna and Steve ran into another friend who needed some money to get by. And without hesitation, the Stones gave that friend $20, without regard to repayment.

On New Years’ Eve, the Stones went on to play some more Club Keno at the Marion Shell, where they hit eight numbers and won five thousand dollars.

“We were ecstatic,” Steve said.

“And so at that point, we’re feeling it. We went to meet my parents in Mount Pleasant, and we stopped at the 7-11 at Mission and Bluegrass and played a five-dollar draw, with a five-dollar kicker, playing 17 draws. That cost $170. And we’re thinking by the time we get home, we’ll see if we win. And we can watch it on our phones because it’s an hour drive home. So, we have a good feeling about it.”

That Keno ticket purchased at the 7-11 in Mount Pleasant would prove to be a life-changer.

“On the way home we stopped at a gas station in Clare because I had to use the bathroom. And when I went in, I bought five scratch-offs, and every single one was a winner.”

“So, I’m sitting there in the restroom of the gas station,” Steve recalled, “And I’m checking my phone: one number match, then two numbers, then three, and after seven numbers, I’m thinking, oh my God. We matched nine numbers. I was like, ‘this ain’t real.’ I was fainting.”

“He came out to the car and he fainted.” Donna said, “He literally crashed to the ground.”

“I jumped out of the car, and said, ‘What is wrong with you?!’”

“’We just won fifty grand,’ he said.”

“’Oh come on, stop it, get up.’ I said.”

“He was adamant, ‘We won fifty grand!’ he said. He showed me the numbers and then I was screaming, ‘We won fifty grand!’”

Despite winning the lottery, the Stone family has decided to keep the giving and the good karma going.

They’ve decided to start donating to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, and to others who may be in need.

After their big win, the couple ran into a girl at Subway who had just been the victim of some serious theft.

“We were in line at Subway, and we found out that this girl had all of her stuff stolen – her bed, her T.V., a bunch of her stuff,” Steve said.

“Well, how about we help you out? I asked her.” Steve said.

And so that’s what the Stone family did. They arranged for furniture to be delivered to that stranger at Subway. Chalk it up to karma. Chalk it up to being there.

The Stones also used their winnings towards the purchase of their house, a car, new furniture for themselves, a computer, and to pay off bills.

“We’re gonna give my son some money to help pay for college,” Donna said. “We’re not just keeping it for ourselves, we’re spreading it around.”

Donna and Steve plan on spending a bit of their winnings at their favorite restaurant, Buckey’s Diner, in downtown Marion. “That’s my favorite place in town. The food is so good, and Ashley [Buckey] does such a good job. We wouldn’t eat anyplace else,” Donna said.

“We’re finally buying our house,” Donna continued. “We’re totally remodeling our house – we’re fixing the roof, putting in new flooring and appliances, painting, and fixing our electrical. We’re turning our house into an investment.”

“We’ve come a long way,” Steve said. “Last year we put $900 towards renting a house in Hersey, and we found out that the person who we paid the money to didn’t even own the house. So we ended up paying $900 and got all excited about moving into a place that we couldn’t even move into. The guy just scammed us.”

“I feel like our entire year was just one bad thing after another,” Donna said about 2017. “It was horrendous. It was rough.”

But after winning the lottery, the Stone family feels like only good things lie ahead.

“We’ve decided how much we’re going to spend on the house and it should work out perfectly,” Donna said. “We should have enough for the house, and to give back, and to help people.”

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  1. cynthia clark Reply

    January 12, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    what a wonderful couple and story, love to see someone so caring and giving get something back, God Bless them and theirs

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