Missaukee Parks requests new vehicle from county

January 11, 2018

By John Raffel

Precia Garland, Missaukee County administrator, presented a request from the County Parks Department for the purchase of a new vehicle at the Board of Commissioners’ monthly finance committee monthly meeting last week.

Larry Richardson, Parks Director, said that a larger vehicle is needed for staff to haul goods and products for the parks. The committee then approved the purchase of the 2011 Dodge Durango in the amount of $10,800, less a $2,800 trade-in of a 2010 Kia Soul.

Garland also presented a proposed memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Total Court Services (TCS) and Missaukee County for remote breath and global positioning system (GPS) monitoring services, to be used by the Missaukee County District Court Probation Office.

Wexford County right now is using these services and probationers pay $10 for a preliminary breath test (pbt). This would reduce the probationers cost to $5 per day, and the counties cost would be $4.50 per test.

It was pointed out at the meeting that under this agreement, the probationers using the system would be paying the daily fees to the county instead of the Department of Corrections. If the MOU is approved, a budget amendment would also be necessary to create both a new revenue line and a new expense line Garland said.

Kristie Hatinger, District Court Probation Officer, said this has been very successful in Wexford County, and would be an incentive for probationers in Missaukee County, and would give her better access for monitoring. The committee will add this to the next board agenda for possible action.

Garland discussed the next strategic planning work session. The committee scheduled the work session for Jan. 25.

Garland also presented fiscal year proposed budget amendments for the general fund including revenue increases, based on trend in the circuit court, clerk’s office and sheriff’s department. This would mean a fund balance appropriation estimated reduction of $9,100 from $135,300 to $126,200.

Their are also proposed amendments for special funds including Sheriff Special Forces, EMS, Child Care, CDBG, Commission on Aging, and Capital Projects Funds.

Garland also presented a proposal for a 2018 lease agreement for office space provided to the District Health Department No. 10. There are no changes from the 2017 lease agreement.

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