Term Limits Agreement

January 18, 2018

Letter to the Editor_BannerMike,
I read your January 12th column with some interest. You tried making the old “too long in office” argument. I believe you missed an important point.
It has been almost 60 years, but I remember learning about “term limits” in high school. Yep, we had them even then. If I remember correctly (and we did NOT snooze in Mr. Grier’s classes) they are called “Elections”. If the actions of an incumbent elected official do not please the majority of the voters in the township/county/district/state/whatever, they can replace that person at the next election. That definitely limits that person’s terms. (“You had your chance. You didn’t please us. Go find another job.”)
The “term limits” you endorse are drastically different. These are an effort to impose your beliefs/opinions upon voters in areas where you cannot vote.
For example, your opinion is Alabama Senator Shelby should leave the senate because he has been there too long. The majority of voters in his district must disagree with you. They have reelected him several times. It must appear to them that he is doing what they elected him to do. But, you would like to force them to make a change by limiting their choices. To have a say in their election based on your opinion. That is not how I was taught the system should work.
Do I sometimes question election results? Of course. (“How could anyone vote for that idiot again?!” “Didn’t any there read the ballot?”) But, I believe we have more important problems to solve than this one.
Frank Rowley

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