Grub to Go making difference at Marion Elementary

March 8, 2018

By Aaron Michell

Every Friday, teams of local volunteers gather together to help provide Marion Elementary students and their families with something yummy and in demand: Grub to Go.

Grub to Go – as in food to take home for the weekend, or food that may even last well into the following week.

The four teams of Grub to Go volunteers arrange anywhere from 70 to 80 packages of food at the end of each school week to deliver to elementary students in need, and for those whose children could simply benefit from the extra meals.

“We provide two lunches and two breakfasts in every package,” said Grub to Go coordinator LeeAnne Williams. “All of our funding is provided by donations and grants – Heather Streicher with the Osceola County Children’s Fund helps us with the grants, and then we do the ordering. We get our fruit from ValuLand and a lot of our food is ordered through the Feeding America program. We use the food pantry building, but the program and the food is completely separate.”

Volunteers prepare food to go home with Marion students and families.

Volunteers prepare food to go home with Marion students and families.

Williams, along with her husband, Bob, runs two teams of volunteers who help package the food and deliver it to the elementary. Janet Flemming and Harry Engels run the other teams of volunteers.

On this particular Friday, the team of volunteers included Tustin residents Leslie Thompson and her mother, Diana Weisgerber, as well as Marion resident Marlene Puska. They’ve all been volunteering with the program for the last two to five years, when they found out about it through their church, St. Agnes Catholic in downtown Marion.

The package menu for the week looks as follows: Apples, bananas, carrots, cereal, shelf-sustained milk, peanut butter, pop tarts, Rice Krispies, and Spaghetti-Os. Protein is a high-priority, according to Williams.

There is no income qualification for Grub to Go – but if it’s needed, it’s there. “If you have kids in the elementary, and you could benefit from the extra food, then sign up,” Williams said.

The program could always use more volunteers and more donations.

“We could always use more volunteers,” Williams said. “If we have too many, we can create a call list, because we’ll still need helpers to fill-in.”

For more information, or to donate or volunteer with the Grub to Go program, contact LeeAnne Williams at 231-250-2445 or Heather Streicher at 231-832-6139.

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