Osceola County, medical examiner still at odds

March 8, 2018

By John Raffel

The medical examiner continues to be a main issue for the Osceola County Board of Commissioners.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, the commissioners voted to make payments to Mid Michigan Medical Examiner Group at the first of each quarter as a prepaid arrangement.

Board chairman Larry Emig pointed out that later in the meeting the group announced it was giving the board 60 days notice in terminating its contract.

“We had two bills, one from the medical examiner’s investigators and the first-quarter bill from the Mid Michigan Medical Group,” Emig said. “We are required by contract general liability and if they did not have that we’d withhold payment they could produce or acquire liability. There’s been a lot of stuff going back and forth on that.

Larry Emig,  Board chairman.

Larry Emig,
Board chairman.

“When we met this Tuesday, that was another discussion again. Long story short. We did decide to pay the medical examiner investigator.”

He was referring to a motion to approve payment to Sally Mommany who previously provided medical examiner investigator services.

The board also voted to release the payment to Mid Michigan Medical Examiner for the first quarter of 2018 while the general liability insurance issue is being addressed.

“Then what transpired, quite frankly, (Lisa Kaspriak, administrator for the medical examiner) was pushing to know if at the next quarter, which starts in April, if that would be paid,” Emig said. “We said that’s contingent on the liability insurance and our county coordinator is going to be in a meeting this week with other county administrators, and our insurance carrier, and they were going to be talking part of that time about liability. Our insurance carrier and legal counsel said they should have carrier insurance to protect ourselves and them.

“We said depending on the results of that meeting, we would know more at the next board meeting. She continued to push on if we would pay the next quarter. I continued to say I can’t answer that. Then she passed around a piece of paper saying that they were giving us 60 day notice of termination of medical examiner contract.”

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