Marion schools mull early start

April 13, 2018

By John Raffel

The Marion Board of Education discussed the concept at its monthly board meeting on Tuesday of whether or not to start school before Labor Day.

Superintendent Mort Meier said he brought up the topic.

“That brought up some interesting dialogue,” Meier said. “Some districts in the ISD do start before Labor Day. The ISD noted schools could start before Labor Day. I believe McBain does, Lake City did. Marion, Cadillac Mesick and Pine River have not done it. So I threw the question out there.”

Meier said the district will entertain pros and cons from the public.

“We have students who work through the summer and their jobs aren’t over until Labor Day,” Meier said. “On the other hand, we have sports that start two weeks before Labor Day.”

If school did start before Labor Day, the Friday before and the actual holiday would be days off from school, meaning a four-day weekend.

Meier indicated he’s leaning toward the idea of starting school before Labor Day.

“Kids by the end of the summer are looking forward to school,” he said. ¯‘When school is out to end, they look forward to the end of school.”

The board adopted an amended budget for the school year.

Language was approved for the Headlee override measure in August.

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