Meier calls State claims he owes $80k, “baseless”

April 27, 2018

By John Raffel

MARION — Marion Schools superintendent Mort Meier has called allegations that he and Marion Central office secretary Diana Salisbury owe back pension payments as “baseless.”

A statement that Meier issued to the Marion Press on Tuesday on behalf of himself and Salisbury, is in regards to published reports this week from the area media including TV 9 & 10 that Meier owes nearly $80,000 and Salisbury owes nearly $70,000 in pension repayments.

Mort Meier, Marion Superintendent

Mort Meier, Marion Superintendent

They are appealing the findings of the Michigan Office of Retirement Services.

Contacted by the Marion Press, Meier presented the following statement which he said also speaks on behalf of Salisbury:
“This is a dispute between the ORS and us and does not involve school district money.  The allegations are baseless and we are confident that the ORS will ultimately determine that we are compliant with the statute and entitled to our full pensions.”

No further comments were made.

In one of its reports on the matter, TV 9&10 made the following statement:

“In the letter sent to Marion superintendent Mort Meier the state raises questions of when he’s performing his duties of principal and claims he hired himself as principal and authorized his own payment.”

In another report, TV 9&10 states: “The Michigan Office of Retirement Services accused (Meier and Salisbury) of double dipping. That means they were collecting a salary at the school while also collecting a pension.”

Board president Monica Cox told the Marion Press on Tuesday the boards’ attorney Robert Huber of Lansing, is looking into the situation, and she could’t comment further. She said she learned about the matter within the last week.

 “From the board’s point of view, pensions are an individual (matter),” she said.

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