Eight townships to get gravel

June 7, 2018

By John Raffel

The Osceola County Road Commission has announced a very extensive gravel program for 2018.

Eight townships are set for gravel work. Richmond Township has targeted 230th and 200th for 11,300 tons of gravel at one estimated total cost of $116,070.

The other projects are for township wide. The project at Evart Township calls for 4,900 tons of gravel; at an estimated cost of $48,510.

Hersey Township has a project for 2,200 tons.

Highland Township’s gravel project is for 7,500 tons at a total cost of $74,250. Leroy Townships will get 4,000 tons of gravel on its roads for $39,600.

Osceola Township will get 5,000 tons at an estimated cost of $49,500.

Rose Lake will have 4,400 tons of gravel for its roads at a cost of $43,560

The total tonnage of gravel for Sherman Township is 8,100 tons at cost of $80,190.
The total cost on these projects is split between the road commission and the township. Overall, the cost is $473,530 for 47,000 tons of gravel on county roads. The road commission and townships are splitting that figure in half.

The road commission has also announced a crack seal program. This includes work on 25th Avenue, Marion, east to Clarola road, M-115 east to 45th Avenue, and M-115 north to county line road on 70th Avenue.

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