Snyder’s visit signal completing of Rising Tides

September 6, 2018

By John Raffel

Gov. Rick Snyder appeared in Evart on Wednesday to mark the city’s completion of the governor’s Project Rising Tide Initiative.

“Technically it’s just a ceremony in that we’re graduating from the Project Rising Tide that we’ve been working on for three years with the governor’s initiative,” city manager Zach Szakacs said. “He selected 10 at risk communities and he provided all types of professional services and financing to get some things done.

Governor Rick Snyder

Governor Rick Snyder

“So basically, he’s not turning his cheek on the smaller communities and always concentrating on Detroit and the larger cities. He started this initiative and it’s working out great. We’re basically going to be given a graduation gift and move on.”

The program is administered by the Talent and Economic Development Department of Michigan which works to connect communities, like Evart with technical assistance and expertise from the department’s agencies. Other pilot communities selected for the program were Newberry, Central Lake, Graying, Harrison, Sandusky, Paw, Paw, Charlotte, Hillsdale and River Rouge.

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