Truth, Justice, And The American Way?

October 25, 2018

Letter to the Editor_BannerElection time is upon us again. Once more we are deluged with exaggerations, distortions, heartrending appeals, and outright lies. Committed voters of both parties are willing to believe all the good about their party and all the bad about the other party. There is a significant part of the electorate who actually look at the issues.

Neither party is for open borders. However, one party believes that we should allow into our country, all those who come to the border while the other party believes that would not be beneficial. The real question is when did this mass-migration start (I’m guessing about 35-40 years ago) and when and why did our border enforcement cease to exist. Also, who is telling these people that if they can get here, they will be cared for and not be deported. Where do you stand?

On the economy, one party believes we are doing great, heading in the right direction. Unemployment across the demographic spectrum is the lowest it has been in decades. The rate of economic growth is two times as high as the rate we were told was the new normal by our previous President. Millions of people are enjoying the benefits of the recent tax-cuts. Where do you stand?

One party is accusing the other of polluting and abusing the state’s water resources. Where were the objection’s to Nestle’s tapping our aquafers when they first began? Where is the body of water containing fish we cannot eat? We fixed that problem decades ago. The Flint water crisis was a very serious problem (lead in the water was and still is a very serious problem in a lot of other communities).

The causes of the problem lie with city management not with the state. It is no secret which party dominates big city governments. Reactions to the problem are another issue for debate.

Another issue is healthcare. People were not being denied healthcare. They were not able to get health insurance. If you can get healthcare without insurance, what is the point of having insurance? Now we have people who previously had insurance that can no longer afford it. The real problem is the cost of healthcare, including prescriptions. Insurance and the people who feed off from it is more a part of the problem than it is a solution. Please do not try to tell me that anyone is trying to deny healthcare to anyone else and those same people are using scare tactics. Pot and kettle ring a bell.

Hearing about the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh is wearing pretty thin with most of us. IT SHOULD NOT BE. We see, in this hearing, a total violation of the very basis of our justice system, innocent until proven guilty. Judge Cavanaugh was presumed guilty by Democrats, the media, and many of our fellow citizens, based on a single accusation that had not one shred of corroborating evidence or the testimony of one witness. (The holes and inconsistencies in Ms. BlaseyFord’s story would fill a book)

It was precisely like the Salem Witch Trials, where people were executed on the basis of one single accusation. Have you ever heard of one person, anywhere or anytime, condoning this particular brand of justice? Did anyone hear one Democrat mention “ innocent until proven guilty”. Where do you stand?

No less than Hillary Clinton just stated their party does not have to be civil to the GOP because the GOP is trying to destroy what she and they stand for. HUH! Are they not trying to destroy what the GOP stands for? There have been many instances of actual physical attacks against Republicans.

Harassment is epidemic, being encouraged by nationally prominent Democrats. Trump Derangement Syndrome has been in full-flower for all of two years. There has never been a tantrum of this size and scope. And we are called haters. If it wasn’t so obviously hypocritical, it would be humorous.


Dave Isaac

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