Families need help this holiday season

November 29, 2018

The following letters are just a few of the dozens we have received. The deadline to submit letters for help is on December 7th. You must include your name, address and a phone number to be eligible. If you need help OR are interested in donating to the Christmas Wish Program, you can do so by emailing yourmarionpress@gmail.com or giving us a call, 231-743-2481. You may also mail your letters or donations to: The Press,
105 W. Fourth Street, Clare, MI 48617.

Simple wish for groceries

I’ve been a disabled single mom, on a fixed income for 13 years now. It just seems to get harder every year so Christmas presents is something I’m not sure I’ll be able to get for my family. If I had a wish it would be for our fridge, freezer and/or cupboard to be filled with food.
I am sad and embarrassed to say food is our biggest need. My son loves video games but he loves to eat more than playing. He’s a hungry growing boy with friends. I can’t serve my son food and not share with his company. I go without if needed. My daughters, their other halves and granddaughters will be coming here for Christmas so having food to feed them while visiting would be awesome.
A lot of times my daughter has to bring food when she visits. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a well-stocked food supply. So groceries are my wish please. I don’t have a car & have mobility problems. I’d need gift cards for family fare. I can walk with my walker there. I like Save A Lot better but I can’t walk that far. I have an electric wheelchair but it doesn’t go through the snow well. So sometimes I just can’t get there. They just don’t plow the sidewalks well enough.
Thank you so much for the kindness and opportunity. Happy holidays to you and yours.

A wish for cancer patients

Dear Readers.
I have a simple wish and that wish is that you consider helping out area cancer patients and help provide a Merry Christmas on my behalf.
The last three years I have been battling cancer. It began in 2015 with stage 3-breast cancer, of which I was said to have survived, then in 2017 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, again I survived. Ready to move on past two-cancer diagnosis, early this past October I learned my stage three-breast cancer became metastatic to my bones (Stage 4).
Through all my trials and difficulties Cancer Services – Midland, Clare, & Gladwin has stepped up and helped me with several things to make my life easier. They provided wigs and hats; help with some bills when I had to cut back a few hours to go to doctor appointments as well as many other services. Cancer Services – Midland, Clare, & Gladwin does a great job-servicing locals in need, they are a deserving group of people who care about their clients.
My future is uncertain. I will live with cancer the rest of my life unless science has a breakthrough that cures cancer. I am not alone with this disease, there are many more in our community who are and will face this same plight. Please consider making my wish come true.
Please send your donations to Cancer Services, 400 Ashman, Ste. 200 (The 1st State Bank Building), Midland, MI 48640. You can also donate online at https://cancerservicesmidland.org/donate/.
One request is that if you do make a donation to Cancer Services or any other organization please let me know with a note or card telling me so.
It will give me much encouragement as I continue my own journey. Cards can be sent to Sherry Landon, 652 E. Surrey Road, Farwell, Michigan 48622
Thank you

In need of holiday hope

Dear Marion Press,
I am 27 years old and I have an 8 year old daughter. I saw the ad in the newspaper and I decided that for my daughter I would write a letter in hopes to make the end of this year good so we can have a fresh start with the new year.
In the beginning of the year I was doing great managing all my bills, getting the car fixed, keep food in the house. Working at a marine center full time. I enrolled myself in counseling last year and have successfully completed goals to deal with my anxiety and live a normal life. I still go but I only go twice a month instead of four times a month but I›m close to the end.
I was able to put my dad in the Great Lakes Cemetery this summer with my amazing pastor and his wife. This was a huge goal I accomplished. I even got approved for a program called key to home ownership and am trying to take the steps to eventually own a house. Even though I have done my best this year life happens when you’re making other plans. My mother passed suddenly in September. She lived on my grandmother’s land in a small cabin. She didn’t have money for burial. I have one other brother on my mom’s side and he wouldn’t help with anything because we cremated her and it’s against his religion. So I used my resources and got $600 from DHS and my Church New Beginnings Baptist Church help with some food and flowers and let us do a funeral and a wake there. I am very blessed to receive the help they gave and very grateful but I still owe money.
Exactly one month after my mother’s passing I got laid off my full time job 2 months early because they were checking the dam in Secord Township in Gladwin. And I have had to recently move out of a house into an apartment. Which I am very thankful to find something open but I am currently making about $600 a month from unemployment and looking for work and I still owe $380 dollars for the security deposit on the apartment. The apartment is willing to work with me so I’m moving in and doing a payment plan with them. Everything has happened so fast I have used my credit card to purchase schools clothes because I just didn’t have the money. I try to pay on it but I am honestly picking which bill to pay because I cannot pay them all at once. I would really appreciate help with anything especially making my daughter’s Christmas good because she lost her grandmother and they were close, so close.
It has been so hard teaching her how to grieve in a healthy manner but through my church and a couple of good friends we keep our faith and try to stay positive. We could just really use a Christmas miracle this year. She is eight years old and she is the sweetest kid with the biggest heart and she is so strong. She needs winter clothes she wears a sized 14/16 and a size 5 shoe. She is 4’6” she is tall for her age. She is a girly girl, she loves painting her nails and dressing up! She loves baby dolls, Barbies, painting, Harry Potter, she would love to have a hover board. She loves arts and crafts and could use a new sled.  And she would love a necklace to put a piece of her grandmother in. She would really cherish this gift if she got one. I wanted to get her one for Christmas but I can’t really afford anything. I am trying my hardest. I would love to surprise her with a good Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to read and share my letter.
God bless you and I hope you have happy holidays!

Just wants to pay for son’s driver’s training classes

Dear Review,
This is a tough letter for me to write. I am usually the one helping others. However two years ago on today’s date I had a stroke, this changed my entire world around.
Then on February 14, 2016 I had to have a pacemaker installed due to heart failure. I am 99% pacer dependent.
I lost my job due to “timing out” “temp disability leave”, I was denied SSI disability due to an technical error on my doctors report.
Basically, I just gave up the “fight”! I begged my doctor to let me return to work “without restrictions”. Reluctantly he gave me the papers. In the beginning of all this I was told I could return to the job I had at the same seniority, but when I called to say I was cleared by the doctor, I was told I could not have my job back! Long story short, I went to a job fair and applied for wait staff and that’s where I have been ever since. I have worked my whole life, raised 7 kids pretty successfully alone.
My situation is this, I have 1 child left to send out into the world as a successful adult. I am working on wait staff wages $4 hour on third shift when the business is pretty empty. My son is a 16 year old, A, B student who participates in tons of school activities and is currently in the dual enrollment with Mid Michigan Community College.
I would like nothing more than to get him enrolled in the driver’s training program, but I cannot afford it. When I was a student it was free! I looked into the program and the cost is way out of my range. I am feeling kind of like a failure because all of his friends are getting their permits and driving and I know I cannot afford to send him. He keeps telling me its ok, but I know how much better he would feel if he was driving himself to College next year.
So that’s my Christmas Wish, for my son to be able to take drivers training so he can get back and forth to his job, school and maybe to the grocery store for me once in a while.
Thank you for everything you do!


CCR Christmas Wish 2x2

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