Marion Drivers Ask For Wage Increase

November 15, 2018

Letter to the Editor_BannerDear Editor:
The Marion bus drivers started asking in June 2017 for a wage increase and health insurance, to this day they still have not had a counter offer back. The only news the drivers have heard from the new superintendent is that he wanted Dean Transportation to take us over. We as a group told him no thanks we do not care to work for them. So we continued to fight for a raise and insurance, but again still no counter offer on our proposal.

I sent numerous emails out on behalf of all drivers and we would get no results in return. In one of the responses we got was that the new Superintendent was spending way too much time on Transportation which he called it a GROSS MISDEMEANOR that cannot continue for the healthy functioning of a district. The drivers took that statement personal, we feel we are a very important part of a school, we have the worst job In a district that obviously nobody wants.

An email was sent to board members about our opinion on things and to ask for their help. Apparently the Superintendent did not like my (our) open and honest email to the school board so he chose to send a frivolous performance form about me to Edustaff the company where the drivers get their pay check from. I then received a phone call on Nov 12 from Edustaff and they told me I was no longer employed at Marion School effective immediately.

I was in total shock and disbelief that I was being fired. I guess you cannot fight for what you think is right or have an opinion on things anymore in this cruel world we live in.

With me being terminated has forced the Transportation Director Brad Sikkema to drive my old route because we have NO subs. By him driving is opening up a potential disaster, that leaves no one in the bus garage available for break downs, parent phone calls, accidents  etc.  

I really had high hopes that Marion was going to get back on track and great things were going to start happening, boy was I wrong.   Please note, I just learned that a Marion Driver turned in her resignation this morning effective immediately due to the way the drivers are being treated. So now school is short another driver.  

Thank you  
Amy VanHaitsma.

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