Gillmore applauds crew for keeping village plowed

January 31, 2019

By John Raffel

Marion Village Council president Don Gillmore expressed satisfaction with how village employees took care of the town during the major winter storm earlier this week.

“We’re in good shape,” he said. “We’ve got the roads pretty well cleared, but it sure was a chore. On Monday they went for two shifts. Tuesday, they started catching up a little bit. We’ve got three guys. They were busy and we’ve only got 9.6 miles of roads.”
Don Gillmore
Gillmore indicated many businesses and other places were closed.

“City hall was open because we had the trucks out. The library was closed and the schools were and are still closed,” Gillmore said on Tuesday afternoon. “Some of the businesses didn’t open. But we didn’t have any accidents or mishaps in town.”
The road commission estimates up to 15 inches hit the area. It’s the worst storm, Gillmore said, he can remember in the last few years.

“The fact the ground was essentially bare when it all came made it easier to move,” he said. “We got a break with that.”

Gillmore said it was also beneficial for the village to have its new modernized maintenance truck it purchased a few years ago, which. among other things, does a more effective job in removing snow.

“It’s a doozy,” he said. “It sits so high that you put on a big old plow and you’re looking down right in front of you.”

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