Quails On Cocaine and Other Nonsense

January 3, 2019

I thought it might be appropriate to start 2019 with Rand Paul’s (senator from Kentucky) annual report on wasteful government spending. Now I’ve not always agreed with Mr. Paul on all the issues, I do believe him to be one of the hardest working and most honest senators we have in Washington. Every year Paul issues a “Waste Report” and for many of us it is utterly ridiculous what we taxpayers spend on frivolous projects.

Mike Wilcox Mike's Musings Columnist

Mike Wilcox
Mike’s Musings Columnist

You want to know where your tax dollars go? Here’s a sampling of some of the “worst in waste.”

-The National Institutes of Health was granted $874,503 to study the sexual habits of quails on cocaine.

-The National Science Foundation was given $75,691 to see how lizards would react when faced with swirling air created by a leaf blower.

-Nearly $2.5 million was spent by the National Institutes of Health to study daydreaming.

-The National Science Institute was awarded $361,891 to study horse and donkey hunting on the Anatolian Peninsula.
-The Somali army received over $76 million earmarked Somali soldiers’ wellbeing.

– $250,000 was given to Rwanda so that they could teach special interest groups how to lobby.

-A whopping $18 million was earmarked to promote Egyptian tourism.

-$200,000 was given to British student social activist groups to pay for their travel to the U.S.

-A Pashto-language drama series in Afghanistan received $653,014.

-$1 million was spent on supporting legislative priorities in Libya.

Now one could argue the government spends nearly $4 trillion a year, and that the previous examples make up a very very small portion of the money we spend. However, Paul would argue, the $114,514,631 he has uncovered in wasteful spending costs more than $8000 to the average taxpayer. That’s a chunk of change most of us would like to keep.

I could go on and on about our government and what they spend. Did you know our deficit is approaching $1 trillion and that we are spending $371 billion in interest in 2018, up a whopping $62 billion from the previous year?

Of course lawmakers could care less. American Thinker noted, “no congressman or senator has ever been defeated because he voted to spend too much in tax dollars.”

I say, so true, but so sad. Didn’t we elect these guys to watch over the funds we dole out to the IRS? To me, rather than sponsoring a bunch of useless bills they hope to see become laws, our lawmakers should be keeping a careful eye on how we spend our money.

The IRS won’t allow you or I to get behind on payments to them, so why is our federal government allowed to spend willy nilly, and rack up a huge deficit without any kind of penalty?

It is time citizens like you and I demand our elected officials pay attention to how our money is spent. Let’s make 2019 the year we stop the deficit from growing. Demand accountability from your senators and congressman. Tell them how you want your tax dollars spent instead of allowing them to dictate that it go to the Somali army or to study quails on cocaine.

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