What Kind Of A ‘Day’ Is It For You?

January 17, 2019

Each day some media source informs us of what day it is. You know, International Spaghetti Sauce Day or National Wool Sock Day or some such designation used to draw attention to a product or cause. There are many more Day’s than there are days in the week.

Among Monday’s designation’s was National Clean Your Desk Day. That one really got my attention and was a Day I would have happily participated in had only I heard of it early enough. If anyone’s desk needs to be cleaned it is mine. And if the places on which I place my laptop are desks, then I have a couple and each is in need of some organization. Ok, a lot of organization.

I truly consider my laptop to be my desk. Anything else is gravy. The laptop holds all the tools and access to others, plus many of the files and scanned photos I use and reference to do this each week. My info has been a long time in building and has seen its way through several ‘desks’, both real and computerized. With that being said, I still have a couple of desk spaces and they are always in need of some serious work. Apparently I really like the gravy.

There are a few constants on any desk. The aforementioned cubbyholes are always present, as are an old mug or two serving as pen, pencil, ruler and scissor holders. And I have a fondness for a couple of old inkwells, which handily hold paperclips and the like. I also like a good desk pad/calendar/scratch pad thing. The last one I bought was for 2016. It doesn’t matter. I bought it when that year was half gone. The price was right. It doesn’t have to be the current year to write down phone numbers, web sites and notes, which is why I bought it in the first place. I still have months of doodle space left.

A good desk lamp and a comfortable chair are good things to have too. I often perch on an old stool. I like it for a while, until the point where it ceases to like me. A comfy chair is really a plus as is almost any lamp other than the light from a computer screen. I can think of nothing more tiring to the eyes, and probably in the long term more damaging, than that virtual light.
The two culprits and accomplices in my desk untidiness are, of course, the things I use the most; photographs and old newsprint, and I own plenty of both. They get a lot of use for the things I do here. My physical files get pulled from their drawers for various reasons. The folder then may, or may not get put back whence it came. This is the point where things always begin to fall apart. Either the file folder gets back into the cabinet drawer or it gets put on my physical desk for use in another virtual project. Sadly this often becomes layer number one on the corner of my desk. It may or may not be joined by more folders for said project. Either way, there they are.

The most extensive and at the same time illusive items I use regularly are photographs. They are a tremendous source and inspiration, and they are everywhere on my desk and work space. In fact, sometimes I think that they have taken on a life of their own. They have gathered in desk cubbyholes, loosely sorted by families, persons, places or some oddity in between. They live in file folders with related materials, or maybe not. And then there are the many photograph albums. I am reluctant to admit so publicly that I am very good at removing photos; you have seen many, but score very low on the return. I am never sure anymore exactly where a specific photo may be if it is not where it normally lives.

This photo was taken on Old Fashioned Day 1989. Senior Citizen King and Queen that year were the late Lucille Prielipp and Jack Fewless. This photo is a bit blurry, but as you can clearly see, Lucille was clearly delighted. 

This photo was taken on Old Fashioned Day 1989. Senior Citizen King and Queen that year were the late Lucille Prielipp and Jack Fewless. This photo is a bit blurry, but as you can clearly see, Lucille was clearly delighted. 

You get the picture. I’ve allowed my messy desks to get out of hand. After many winters of making threats and promises, the great photo sort time has finally come. It took three weeks in a row of not locating just the right photo in its hiding place for me hit the breaking point. So better late than never I have declared it to be Clean Your Desk Week, and I will get it done before it becomes Clean Your Desk Month.

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