Amused With Editors Commentary On Roger Stone

February 14, 2019

Letter to the Editor_BannerI read with amusement publisher Mike Wilcox’s recent commentary about the arrest of Roger Stone (Mike’s Musings, January 31,2019) as he described federal marshals arresting Wilcox himself a dozen years ago in Florida.

Mike likened his arrest to that of the recent arrest of Donald Trump’s long-time confidant Roger Stone.  Mike expressed his empathy with the manner in which federal marshals conducted their arrest of Stone.  (A dictionary definition of ‘empathy’ is: ‘Identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings, and motives.’)

While a large percentage of Allegan County residents and perhaps Allegan County News readers likely support Donald Trump, and wander aimlessly through life unencumbered with facts when it comes to Donald Trump and his ilk, more enlightened individuals might read the twenty-three page indictment handed down against Roger Stone by Robert Mueller’s investigative team.

Find the indictment at:, and pay particular attention to page 20 where Roger Stone is quoted in an email to “Person 2” that he will steal the person’s pet, and then went on to threaten ‘Person 2’s’ life!  Federal marshals had every reason to believe that Stone had the wherewithal to flee arrest and prosecution, and had reason to believe , after previously threatening ‘Person 2’s’ life, that an arrest of Roger Stone might indeed turn violent – unlike the arrest of Mike Wilcox.

Unlike Mike Wilcox or Roger Stone, I’ve never been arrested by federal marshals nor any other law enforcement officials.  While I can’t “empathize” with Roger Stone, perhaps I could have sympathy for him?  I then looked up “sympathy” in the dictionary….  I found it somewhere between “sh*t” and “syphilis”.

Too bad Roger….  Chickens coming home to roost….
Stephen Shoemaker

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