Why, Oh Why Do People Act This Way?

April 25, 2019

Dear Editor:
1) Why do people burn wet leaves that cause white smoke to billow out covering their neighbors homes and yards? Don’t people realize dry leaves burn better, or that recycling is best of all?

2) Why do certain local companies think telephone poles and trees throughout the county were put there for them to nail signs to advertising their business?  News flash: It’s illegal.  Plus, think what this county would look like if every local company did the same?

3)  Why do people throw their old sofas, chairs and mattresses onto state land or on roadsides? Many townships offer free weekly pick up of furniture, so why dump?  Most of us live up here because we enjoy the beauty of the countryside, why mess it up?  If money is tight, find someone put it in their trash. 

4) Why do some businesses want permission to move into residential areas (say, for example, hypothetically speaking, perhaps a gravel firm), and then send its huge trucks with heavy loads down narrow dirt roads several times an hour six days a week at speeds up to 55 miles an hour?

5) There is no reason to run over a turtle in the road.  They didn’t just suddenly run out there.  I find it easy to drive around them.  Maybe others can too.  

6) Finally, why did Spring take so long to arrive? 

Marty Johnson  
Harrison, MI 

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