Forty meet for Model T gathering

May 23, 2019

By John Raffel

MARION — Marion school instructor Ron Schmiidt reported that on May 19, about 40 people came to Marion at the M-66 residence of Ed Kirkby for a gathering of both the model T group around mid-Michigan and some of the Kirkby relatives.  

Ed Kirkby with his 1927 Model T Quarter-Ton Roadster Pickup.

“Ed and his son Del, have been lifelong residents of Marion and are both owners of Model T antiques vehicles,” Schmidt said. “A pot luck dinner was hosted at Ed Kirkby’s with swiss steak, salads galore and several delicious desserts. The weather started a little damp with scattered rain showers. This kept some of the car owners from driving their prized possessions. Some of the youngsters in attendance enjoyed a cruise around downtown Marion between the rain showers.  

“After the meal and time catching up with each other, the group drove up to Marion High School. Ed is a long time wood shop volunteer at the school and has donated several thousands of dollars on new equipment. Ed wanted the group to meet in Mr. Schmidt’s class and see the equipment that has been donated in memory of his late wife, Barbara Bonekoe Kirkby. She was a lifelong teacher and board member that passed away in 2013 after a long illness.”

Schmidt said he and his family spoke to the group and demonstrated the newest donated machine a CNC computerized router.

“This machine carved out a model T picture and sign for the group,” he said.

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