Marion Township Cemetery In Sorry State

May 30, 2019

Dear Editor:

The Marion Township cemetery was a hot mess when I was there a week ago helping the Marion VFW Post 6015 guys put out flags on fallen veteran & auxiliary plots. Every trash can was over flowing. The cans looked like they hadn’t been emptied in a few years. Head stones had been wacked off the base, there was at least 60 old flags (placed 2018) we found that were broken off their sticks and mowed over. It hit me in my heart seeing this. 

The Sexton briefly showed up while we were out there. He ran his mower around with a cart attached behind and did not do one productive thing or pick up a single piece of trash. He just wandered around riding his rig, waved at us while not mowing, not picking up.

I approached this man who had been on the mower, but yet not mowing who had waved a hello at me and asked him if he knew who was in charge of the cemetery upkeep and he said he was, but wasn’t paid enough to take care of it. He wants school kids or inmates to come help keep it up with free labor. He blatantly stated he hates those damn flags as I stood in front of him holding a bundle.

The VFW guys and I headed to several other cemeteries that day. Not one was in as poor condition and unkempt. It was also ironic between the rest of the cemeteries we visited there was only around six broken flags, and none had been mowed over. 

Today and everyday I thank you for your service veterans. Your fallen deserve better care than the Village of Marion can provide. 

Cheryl Guchess 
Former Marion resident
Marion High graduate
One who loved many buried in the Township cemetery

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