Greenwood Cemetery Nightmare

June 6, 2019

I am writing in regard to the “Greenwood Cemetery” located one mile west of Marion.

We have several relatives buried there and went Memorial Day Week-End to decorate the graves and were overwhelmed at how unkept it was!  I do not know what has happened in the last three years, but it has gone from bad to worse!  We went to three different cemeteries the same day to decorate and they were mowed, trimmed and looked neat.

“Greenwood” looked like a hay field!  It looked like the grass was cut after it was too high and nothing was trimmed.  The trash barrels were over flowing and garbage strewed on the ground. We picked ours up and took it with us as there was no room.  I know it had rained and was kinda wet, but that was never the problem in past years and always looked neat and trimmed!  Several of the head stones, including Don’s parents,  were tipped and off their foundation.  We tried to put it back like it was.

Another eye sore was all the graves that had just been dug for those in Winter storage I guessed?

Huge mounds of dirt were piled high on each one.  Why couldn’t this have been concluded before the Holiday or waited until after?  There was no way anyone could decorate that grave anyway the way it was.

I am NOT a negative person and like to be positive and have good thoughts, but I feel like this has got to be addressed.  I do not know the solution, except to say that it doesn’t take much more  effort to do a good job instead of a sloppy one.  If more help is needed “So Be It”!

A Concerned Citizen
Phyllis (Hoekwater) Lee

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