Students wash cars to show teacher appreciation

June 13, 2019

During teacher appreciation week – which happened May 4th – 8th – Marion teachers were presented with coupons for a “student car wash” that were redeemable at a later, more weather-friendly date.

This past week, those coupons were redeemed.

Elementary, middle, and high school students all took part in the car washes to show just a little bit of appreciation for their teachers.

Marion students showed their appreciation to the teachers and gave them coupons to have their cars washed.

According to a number of students we spoke with, teachers are often underappreciated.

“They give a lot of their own personal time to help students individually,” said junior Riley Kischnick. “Not just on school [subjects], but any problems they have in life.”

Darian Troost said that most teachers just want their students to be successful.

“They understand, if you weren’t able to get all your homework done, and you have a job, they understand,” Troost said. “They’re willing to work with you.”

Mackenzie Nicewander and Mia Geer appreciate their teachers for making sure students are learning, and not just going through the motions.

“They give good feedback.” Nicewander said.

“They’ll help you out,” Geer said. “If you don’t understand something, they won’t just give you the answer. They’ll actually help you work through the problem and make sure you understand it.”

As for the car wash, most students were convinced that the teachers did a little pre-cleaning prior to the wash.

“I think because they all knew that their cars were going to be cleaned today, they pretty much cleaned up beforehand – except for Mr. Baldwin,” Troost said.

So while Mr. Baldwin may have made the students work to clean his car, he’s also made school more enjoyable for his students.

“Some teachers try really hard to make sure that you’re smiling throughout the day,” Geer said. “Especially Mr. Baldwin.”

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