Osceola BOC discusses revamping road commission

August 29, 2019

By John Raffel

Discussion transpired at last week’s Osceola County Board of Commissioner meeting of possible changes in the future way a county road commission is formed.

“There is a commissioner who doesn’t think from the complaints he’s gotten that every thing’s being done that could be done by the road commission,” board chairman Jack Nehmer of Marion said, referring to commissioner James Custer of Evart. “I don’t know if he’s planning on making some kind of statement on the direction he wants to go. He has said there’s the possibility it could be on the ballot to bring (the road commission authority) back to the county instead to the road commission.

“So far it’s just thoughts and talk. Luke Houlton (from the road commission) came to the meeting the other day and tried to answer some questions. I guess (Custer) felt he got enough complaints to voice his opinion. He’s stirring the pot to encourage more townships to go to the road commission meetings and get more involved on what’s going on with the road commission within their particular township.”

Nehmer indicated at this particular point in time not too many other commissioners are saying too much.

“Jim’s the one who brought it up and I think they’re letting him carry the ball to see where it’s going to go,” Nehmer said. “One of the big things is all of the road commissioners are in one corner of the county. There’s only one that doesn’t live in that particular area. That was one of his thoughts that maybe it needs to be restructured, taken away and run by the county commissioners. He wanted to bring up the question.

Some counties in Michigan have road commissions that are appointed and some that are elected. The Osceola road commission is elected.”

The next county commission meeting is on Sept. 4.

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