Dog Defense: 3 Unexpected Home Hazards that Could Harm Your Pets

September 3, 2019

The end of summer is nigh and that means countless families are looking to adopt a new family friend. After all, an estimated 44% of households own at least one dog. If you’re one of the many people who want to adopt a furry friend before the cold winter months take hold of Michigan, there are a few things you should do before bringing your new pup home.

While most people know to hide the dangerous wires and extension cords in their house, many don’t realize the common threats that live right around the corner. Here are some of the top dangers to consider when you’re ready to introduce your dog to its new home.

Radon levels

When was the last time your house was checked for radon? Even though radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the United States, few people check their home for this colorless, odorless gas. But no family knows the harmful effects of radon more than the Rende family in Troy.

For 11 years, the family never considered that they would eventually have to live in a trailer in their driveway. But that’s exactly what happened when radon levels began to exceed livable limits in their home.

While the Rendes don’t have any pets to note, the severity of this situation exemplifies the dangers of toxic gas in the home, especially in the basement where these problems tend to start. We typically only think of radon in terms of its effect on humans, but this gas is increasingly dangerous for dogs and cats that often spend time in the basement.

Worst of all, it’s estimated that one in every 15 homes have radon levels at or above the action level set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Your pet may not even show signs of radon poisoning until radon-induced cancer reaches the late stages of the disease. Before you get a new pet, be sure to implement a regular testing schedule to monitor radon levels in your home.

Floor cleaners

It only makes sense that you’d want to keep your home looking and smelling nice. Take your carpet, for example. Even in a carpet that looks like it might be clean, it can actually hold up to one pound of dirt in a single square yard. You care about where you live; in an effort to take care of their home, many people will even overpay their taxes by $500 or more each year without realizing it. Maintaining your household is even more important when you bring a new pet through your front doors. After all, getting a new pet might mean that you’re cleaning more often to control their dander and the dirt that they bring in from the garden. Unfortunately, using toxic floor cleaners or other unsafe options can make your pet sick.

Even if you effectively remove all the floor cleaner’s residue from your tiles, the vapor can still cause damage to your pets’ eyes and lungs. Your best bet is to invest in a pet-friendly, all-natural cleaner to avoid health problems down the line. Be sure to read the label carefully and check out online reviews before investing in a potentially dangerous brand.

Ticks and bugs

If you haven’t bought flea and tick shampoo, this purchase should be at the top of your list.
This is because any home can suffer from the presence of dangerous bugs. Unless you keep your pet inside all day, you need to be prepared. Before you let your dog go on a romp through the weeds, it’s vital that you ensure you’re ready to clean your curious new guest.

This is because it’s almost impossible to keep bugs away from your yard. Even if you keep your garbage can locked and your lawn mowed short to reduce the number of ticks, you’re bound to experience problems with bugs at one point or another. Besides, most insecticides can be detrimental to the health of your pet. When bugs start slipping between the gaps in your defenses, you better be ready to clean and groom your pet in order to keep them healthy.

This is because countless ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes can carry potentially life-threatening diseases. In fact, many people don’t realize their dog has been bitten until the symptoms of illness begin to show anywhere from seven to 21 days after contact with a tick. Take the necessary preventative measures — like investing in heartworm medications — and get ready to groom your pet each night to keep them safe.

Amidst the plagues of electrical wires lie more heinous household horrors. Watching out for these potential perils is vital when you’re ready to adopt a new furry friend. Before you invest in the next step of your life, be sure to account for these hazards to keep your new best friend safe from harm.

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