Council Reviews Regulations Including Curfews

October 15, 2019

By John Raffel

MARION — Marion’s Village Council reviewed regulations during its monthly meeting on Tuesday.

“It’s fall and we’re usually going over the new regulations,” village council president Don Gilmore said. “We’re going to be rewriting the ordinances for the village to make it cleaner and bring them up to date. That was most of the discussion (at the meeting).”

Among the regulations would be curfews for teenagers, Gilmore said.

“There’s a curfew right now but it was back when we had a regular police department,” he said. “Now we don’t have the same type of penalties so they have to be rewritten. We were going over those at the meeting.”

Marion relies on the county sheriff’s department for village police coverage.

“We have an ordinance officer and he can issue fines, but there can’t be any jail time or trials or things like that,” he said.

There will also be work on the parking ordinances during the winter time to allow for snow clearing.

“We write ordinances to bring them up to modern times,” Gilmore said. “We have an ordinance committee of two people. The trustees have to be OK with them.”

The village also has lawyers look over the ordinances before they are officially approved.

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