Missaukee BOC Supports 4-Year Terms

October 29, 2019

By John Raffel

LAKE CITY — The Missaukee County of Commissioners passed a resolution at its meeting last week supporting passage of legislation, to adopt four-year terms for county commissioners.

The terms are currently for two years.

It was pointed out in the resolution the 1963 Michigan Constitution stipulated four-year terms for county boards of supervisors, the preceding body to today’s board of commissioners; and Legislature voted in 1966 to abolish boards of supervisors and formally replace them with boards of commissioners following the 1968 elections.

It was noted that under Public Act 261 of 1966 the length of terms for the new county commissioners is to be concurrent with that of state representatives.

“The scope of duties of a county commissioner has greatly increased in the last few decades, including but not limited to road patrols, indigent defense, mental health treatment and substance abuse prevention programming, solid waste pick-up and disposal, food and water supply safety, park operations, economic development efforts, emergency management and response.

“Michigan is one of only five states in the United States that provides for exclusively two-year terms for county commissioners; and all other county and township elected officials in Michigan are elected to terms of at least four years; and the position of county commissioner is a highly complex oversight role that requires years to master.”

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