Live Without TV, Social Media Next

November 18, 2019

Mike Wilcox
Mike’s Musings Columnist

Many of you have had your large 64 inch state-of-the-art television on 24-7, it being midway through the football season, as well as the start of dozens of new television shows. Normally that would be me as well, but a few weeks ago I decided to turn off the TV, and at least for now, I can honestly say I don’t miss it.

Instead of watching some political hack on a cable television biased political show, I have the DVD playing North and South, the mid 1980’s 23 hour Civil War epic. Instead of watching some silly sitcom, I’m reading the latest book titled “The Irishman” about Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance.

I am particularly interested in the Civil War and John Jakes’ trilogy fueled my desire for more knowledge about this tragic period of our history. The mini-series was divided in to three segments- before, during and after the war, and wove together two families- the Hazards from the north, and the Mains from the south.

I will forever be intrigued with Hoffa and his disappearance. As a cub reporter I remember camping out at his Lake Orion, Michigan cottage, with probably three dozen other journalists and a dozen television cameras, day after day for a couple of weeks, as we waited to hear from a family member about the latest as to his whereabouts. To this day, as most of us know, the teamster leader with mob connections, has never been found.

And instead of viewing football games every Thurs-Sat-Sun-Mon., I’m actually enjoying the brisk weather outdoors, where I spend countless hours trimming bushes, pulling weeds and raking leaves.

I’ve been connected to my TV for so many years, I didn’t think I could enjoy life without it. But I can and I highly suggest the therapy for others. I so love a good book, but with the television always on, and a sporting event just a channel flick away, the book always became secondary. No longer is that the case. The book is now my primary focus and an enjoyable interlude after my long day at work.

Now that I’ve weaned myself from the television, I’m wondering if it’s possible to do the same with my phone, particularly Facebook? It seems I spend a great deal of time just browsing- time that could be productive doing tasks that actually matter. To say social media is addicting is an understatement. I don’t possess an addictive personality, but for some silly reason, social media, mostly Facebook has me hooked.

Without social media, I suppose I could read more. Maybe I could tackle a few self-help books and become a better person. Maybe I could find a hobby-I don’t much care for hunting or fishing, but cars and cards are two possibilities.

Or maybe, eliminating Facebook from my life would give me more time to watch television. Oh my, my thought process has just come full circle. I need to destroy those thoughts. TV and Facebook need to go. Life without both will be so much better- or will it?

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