May I Walk With You?

November 12, 2019

Daniel Fachting, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist, Lay Minister at Our Lady of Hope Parish in Clare, and Chancellor for Knights of Columbus Council #3029. He can be reached at


People often ask, “What is it like to be in heaven?” Recently, I read an article in “The Word Among Us” in which the author gives us a glimpse. He writes, “Jesus wants to bring you into his heavenly home, where you will live with him forever. You will have a glorified body free from every ache and pain and sickness. You will have the same personality you have right now, but it will be purged from all sin and negativity. Every kind of just and holy desire you have ever had will flourish, just as every self-centered and sinful desire will melt away. In other words, you will be as holy as the saints and as eternal as the angels! But it gets even better. In heaven, you will be reunited with all your loved ones. Can you imagine the joy of once again embracing you mother, father, husband, wife, children, or closest friends? You will also become friends with all the saints. Imagine sharing stories with the Virgin Mary, enjoying the new creation with St. Francis of Assisi or hearing Mother Teresa tell you about her own struggles and joys on earth. Best of all, you’ll be supremely happy because you’ll be surrounded by the love of almighty God. As you gaze on his face, you’ll be in awe of his beauty and majesty and glory (Revelation 22:4). You’ll want nothing more than to join all the saints and angels in joyful worship of the One who created you in love, redeemed you in mercy, and brought you to this glorious place.” (The Word Among Us, November 2019, pages 8-9)

Wow! Why wait until you die? Why not get a taste of heaven now? Beginning with Baptism we entered eternal life. Start now by inviting Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be with you in every breath and thought. Read and meditate on the Bible. Join a Bible study and prayer group. Learn about the Saints. Practice being unselfish. Share with others the joy of being in God’s presence and God’s presence in you. Share with your friends, neighbors and coworkers your story of how Jesus has changed your life and blessed you. Develop good and holy relationships, now. Go to God in prayer, mass, and the sacraments of reconciliation and Eucharist. Follow the Ten Commandments and Sermon on the Mount. Offer your suffering as well as your joys as a prayer for others, uniting yourself with Jesus on the cross. By doing these things you will get a glimpse of life after death. How wonderful it will be!

“May the Lord bless and keep you. May he let his face shine upon you, and give you his peace.”

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